Our Advantage
Satchel is the only platform focused on driving revenue
Unblock revenue
We've built a platform to support any contract terms and pricing structures, regardless of complexity. This gives your sales team the flexibility to work with clients to win deals while having confidence that even their most complex contracts will be handled cleanly and scalably.
Scale financial operations
Your finance team needs multiple business days to run calculations and close out the month. Satchel automates these billing calculations and pricing workflows, while also giving you the capability to take action on usage data in real-time.
Lightning-fast time-to-action
Pricing changes and new product rollouts can be implemented in minutes without engineering. Roll out changes in minutes, not weeks, and free up your engineers to focus on your company's unique differentiators.
Our Approach
The scale of technology with the ease and flexibility of a spreadsheet
Design any pricing plan
Our logic based modeling platform lets you set up any commission plan without the constraints of pre-defined templates. Sync your usage data, set up your plan logic, and automate calculations on the fly.
Connect with any source of usage data — databases, warehouses, third-party tools, and via API.
Utilize built-in interfaces for one-off operations such as credits or prepayment.
Sync with usage data in real-time to keep calculations up to date.
Set up templates to fully automate billing for self-serve customers.
Customize plan mechanics — commitments, ramps, bundles, and anything else.
Clone plans and make necessary updates to quickly roll out new plans.
Transform data on the spot
Our powerful data ingestion layer lets pricing admins transform their usage data directly on our platform. With a library of pre-built formulas and tool tips, anybody can set up calculations with speed and confidence.
Choose from a library of Excel-like formulas including custom ones designed for pricing.
Quickly troubleshoot formulas with our built-in formula guide to reduce miscalculations.
Work off columns instead of rows to save time and errors referencing other data tables.
Connect multiple data sources to create unified data sets for more robust calculations.
Transform your raw usage events in any way without altering the raw source data.
Reduce legal risks by capturing every formula creation or change in our audit log.
Automate calculations in seconds
Run and see your pricing plan calculations across any customer, plan, and billing cycle in real-time. Don't wait until you finish building your plan to see the results. Our calculation engine runs dynamically so you can catch any potential errors on the fly.
Provide your teams with real-time visibility into customer usage.
Set alerts to identify upsell opportunities or accounts needing customer success intervention.
Apply filters to see billing for any customer, pricing plan, or billing cycle.
Timestamp the start and end of any term for any customer to account for upsells or plan changes.
Integrate live billing data into your customer dashboards for trust and transparency.
Sync real-time data to downstream billing, invoicing, AR, support, and BI tooling.
Scale & Security
Deploy securely, with confidence
Granular Access Controls
Granularly control what functionality users can access. Let AEs offer credits and create terms for their accounts only.
Approval Workflows
Create robust approval workflows to automatically route to different stakeholders depending on the pricing or customer change.
Version Branching
Manage and review version history and easily branch out pricing plans to iterate and experiment.
Host On-Premise
Keep sensitive data secure by hosting Satchel on-premises, behind your own VPN, in your own VPC.
Audit Logs
Maintain compliance with a detailed record of all pricing and customer changes.
Sign in with the services you already use, including Google, Okta, and other SAML-based IdPs.
Ready to scale revenue?